If you cross the Kanchenjunga waterfalls in Pelling and start your journey towards Yuksom you will feel that the heavy sound of the falls is gradually fading away and instead, you are entering into an area full of silence.

The journey towards Yuksom itself is a beautiful experience. Less than 40 kilometres from Pelling in West Sikkim, lies the stunningly beautiful historical town of Yuksom at an altitude of 1700 meters is also the first capital of Sikkim. With the small streams, surrounding green mountains and forest, Yuksom provides a lot of joy to nature lovers. This place is so silent that apart from the chirping of the birds you won’t find any sound. The silence can also be broken with the sound of a bell which is often tucked with the cows (Chamri Gai) roaming in the valleys. The word Yuksom means “the meeting place of three lamas”.

Yuksom is also the place where the first Chogyal of Sikkim (Temporal and religious King) was crowned in 1641 by these three lamas who were famous for their wisdom. From Yuksom one can see the view of Kanchenjunga. But the view of Mount Kabru and Pandim from this place is something which is just an absolute delight for the travellers. The trekking point for Kanchenjunga base camp itself is a viewpoint from where tourists can enjoy a panoramic view. A walk from here will take you to the place called ” Throne of Norbugang”. The throne made of stones which were used when the first Chogyal was crowned is preserved here. There is a big tree which is said to have been planted during the time of the consecration ceremony. The place is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.

At a short distance from Norbugang is the beautiful Kathak lake. The water is crystal clear, and the landscape is mesmerising. The lake has special importance in the social, religious and cultural life of the local people. It is considered to be a holy or sacred lake. As per local legend, this lake is the soul of lama Kathok Kuntu Zangpo who purified this lake for spiritual purpose. Thus every year a purification ceremony takes place here which is conducted by the lamas, locally known as Tru Sol.

Dubdi monastery which is the oldest in Sikkim is just an hour’s trek from Yuksom. This is a Monastery which is located amid chestnut backwoods in an extremely picturesque backdrop. 

Another place which should be visited here is the lovely Phamrong waterfall which is ten kilometres from Yuksom. 

Yuksom is also the improvement gateway of Kanchenjunga National Park famous for its exquisite flora and fauna and the wonderful views it offers. The place is almost 170 km from Bagdogra and can be reached in about 6 hours from the airport.